“The West Wind” by Tom Thomson

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Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne and Leaders of the G8 Summit 2010
Located on site at the Canada Summit Centre
Sponsored by: The G8 Summit

In June of 2010, Canada played host to the G8 Summit held here in Muskoka at Deerhurst Resort. We were lucky enough to get the world leaders in attendance to help us finish one of our mural paintings. See if you can match the colours on the brushes (mounted beside the mural) to the corresponding colours on the mural to figure out which leader painted which part. Hint: the leaders painted the area of sky just above the tree line. 

G8 Delegates:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – Canada
President Nicolas Sarkozy – France
Chancellor Angela Merkel – Germany
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi – Italy
Prime Minister Naoto Kan – Japan
President Dmitry Medvedev – Russia
Prime Minister David Cameron – Great Britain
President Barack Obama – United States of America
President Jose Manuel Barroso – European Commission
President Herman Van Rompuy – European Council


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  • Location Canada Summit Centre

Artist Name : Tom Thomson


Tom Thomson (1877-1917) was born in Claremont Ontario, and his family later to moved to Lieth in the Owen Sound area where he grew up. He spent a lot of time outdoors fishing and exploring his natural surroundings and had a keen interest in nature, learning about the native plants and animals of the area. He spent his young adulthood learning and training in business and graphic design, some of which was spent in Seattle, Washington where his brother operated a school of business. He returned to Toronto and got work in a commercial design house and worked under J.E.H. MacDonald. His love of the outdoors never left him, and after being encouraged by his boss and coworkers to take up painting, he ventured into Algonquin Park in 1912 with his paints and wooden panels. This would prove to be the turning point in his artist expression and in the history of Canadian art.


“The West Wind” by Tom Thomson
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“The West Wind” by Tom Thomson