Huntsville High School & Muskoka Heritage Place Sketch Gallery

May 11 2015

Huntsville High School & Muskoka Heritage Place Sketch Gallery

Our Sketch Gallery at the Huntsville High School and the Muskoka Heritage Place are the result of project put forward by the Huntsville Festival of The Arts.

In 2008 and 2009, the Festivalprovided funds for the students in grades ten and twelve art classes to have the opportunity to create their own mini mural. The students concentrated on the paintings Tom Thomson did while painting in Algonquin Park. Students were paired up and were responsible for recreating their own mural. Under the guidance of art director Gerry Lantaigne, the students had a first-hand experience, mixing colours and using different paint application methods of mural making.

The results were something more than stellar, and the students' works were proudly added to The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery as our "Sketch Gallery." The mini murals are displayed on the exterior walls of Huntsville High School, while four of the mini murals were given to Muskoka Heritage Place to adorn some of their buildings. Other contributions to the project were made by North Arts Supplies and Hilltop Signs. 

Feel free to peruse the Sketch Gallery all year round!

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