The Pines by Lawren Harris
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Port Cunnington Lodge Satellite Gallery

Established in 1890, Port Cunnington Lodge is located on 22 scenic acres in a sheltered bay across from historic Bigwin Island on Lake of Bays

Dorset Heritage Museum Satellite Gallery

The Town of Dorset on Lake of Bays lays claim to the fact that original Group of Seven member Frank Johntsonʼs family made this town there home after Mr. Johnston had passed away. His son was an art teacher, and prominent member of the community. Due to this fact the Dorset Heritage Museum has chosen to concentrate on the works of Frank (Franz) Johnston.

Baysville Satellite Gallery

With the addition this year of eight murals in the Town of Baysville, The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery is now a complete circuit around the Huntsville/Lake of Bays region. The project was created in Huntsville and in recent years has grown to include the towns of Dwight and Dorset as well. The main collection of the Outdoor Gallery is located in the historic Downtown Huntsville area, with over 30 Group of Seven recreations adorning its walls, and more to come. The Baysville Community Group worked very hard to select the locations and particular works of art for their collection.

The artist who painted the murals are Gerry Lantaigne, Tim Webb and Janine Marson, whom all hail from the area, and have worked on other murals in the collection. The paintings were sponsored by the G8 Infrastructure funding that was made available to the Baysville Community Group, specifically for creating murals, in 2010. Take the tour of the Baysville murals, as well, we invite your to view all the other murals in the collection, making for a fun and interesting adventure. Many of the Groupsʼ most famous paintings were created and sketched in our communities and outlying areas. These murals portray works of art that helped shape the cultural identity of our country. They remind us of what it is to be Canadian. The love of this country, and the great outdoors, that was held by Tom Thomson and the original members of the Group of Seven is evident in these mural recreations of their masterpieces. We hope you will enjoy and appreciate this special collection of murals. Maps will be available, in local stores and business in your community.

Port Sydney Satellite Gallery

Port Sydney is nestled on the south shore of Mary Lake and boasts a beautiful public beach and impressive rapids.

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"Woodland Waterfall" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Located on site ...
"Batchawana Falls" by J.E.H. MacDonald
Mural Artist: Janine Marson and Gerry Lantaigne Commun...
"Northern Evening" by Frank Johnston
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2008 Located on ...
"Moose Pond" by Frank Johnston
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne and Ingred Zschogner 200...
"The Blue Heron" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Janine Marson 2010 Located on si...
"Hazy October Morning" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Tim Webb 2010 Located on site at...
"Country Road" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Tim Webb 2010 Located on site at...
"The Pines" by Lawren S. Harris
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Located on site ...
"Wildflowers" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2010 Located on ...
"Autumn in the Northland" by Franklin Carmichael
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2010 Located on ...
"Old Lumber Dam" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2010 Located on ...
"Winter in the Northern Woods" by Lawren S. Harris
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2010 Located on ...
"Shore Pattern" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2013...