Community mural painters
The Community Mural Tour

The Community Mural Tour

The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery Community Mural Project invites the public to add their own brush stroke to one of the murals as they are being created. The idea  was spawned by Isabelle Kay, a member of the BIA Mural Committee in 2006. It was something she had experienced as a child and the memory had stuck with her.  This seemed like an excellent idea, so during our first Mural Festival in 2007 it was decided that one of the murals would be done as a community mural, and the  opportunity would be there to let all who wanted to participate to do so.

As it happens, the mural is done under the guidance of an Art Director to ensure the quality of the finished mural is up to the same standard as those paintings in the  collection that are painted by professional mural artists. The Art Director facilitates the mixing of the colours and guides the participants to apply the paint in the  correct spot using various methods of application. Sometimes using glazes, sometimes having two or three participants with different colours blending the paint  directly on the mural surface. This makes it accessible for people who have never painted before to join in on the fun. It also serves as a mini lesson in mural painting.  Many people comment that the process is a lot like paint by numbers, however trying to make the painting look as close as possible to the original is quite a task. 

Our first community mural in 2007 was Tom Thomson's Autumn Garland. It is proudly displayed on the east wall in the town square in front of the Algonquin Theatre.  This painting had over 1337 people add their brush stroke and made it truly a community effort. The experience of joining in on the creation is not just for Huntsville  residents; it is intended for anyone and everyone who may be visiting or vacationing in the area as well. To date, we have had participants from all around the world. Each participant is then asked to sign into our 'Famous Artist Book' and write a comment if they desire.

This event is free to the public and since the inception of The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery Community Mural Project, we have created 10 murals using this method and have thousands of artistic contributions. The community mural is usually created in downtown Huntsville in a highly visible area on the Main Street sidewalk during the mid-summer. Look for this years community mural dates on our website and Facebook page.

"Autumn's Garland" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2007...
"The Tent" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2010 Located on ...
"Skiing" by J.E.H. MacDonald
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2010...
"Golden October" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2012...
"White Pine" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2011...
"Isles of Spruce" by Arthur Lismer
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2008...
"The Wild River" by J.E.H. MacDonald
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2009...
"Spring in Algonquin Park" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Community Mural 2012 by Huntsville Hospi...
"Oxtongue River" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Janine Marson & Gerry Lantaigne Comm...
"Batchawana Falls" by J.E.H. MacDonald
Mural Artist: Janine Marson and Gerry Lantaigne Commun...
"Shore Pattern" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Community Mural 2013...