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The Highway 60 and Algonquin Park Tour

The Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary

The Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary (HHA) members are a dedicated and hard working team of giving individuals who are an inspiration to the community. In 2012, the HHA engaged a group of community minded sponsors to donate the funding for this mural. The Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary is comprised of men and women who volunteer in many areas of the Huntsville Hospital, and are integral to the daily operations of the hospital. As well, the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary is a fundraising organization for the hospital. Since 1955, the auxiliary has raised and donated over $1.5 million dollars for hospital equipment and patient care. This includes $300,000 for the Day Surgery Unit and $250,000 for the Digital Mammography Department.

Deerhurst Resort Satellite Gallery

During the summer of 2010, Deerhurst Resort was the focus of the international attention as 8 of most powerful leaders in the free world descended upon the Huntsville resort to attend the G8 Summit. It was during this 3 day event that the leaders contributed their brush strokes to one of our Community Murals. To commemorate this historic event, the General Manager of Deerhurst commissioned a Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery mural in honor of the staff that worked so hard to make the G8 Summit a major success. The year round retreat features this mural by the entrance to the Sports area. While visiting this mural location, be sure to go inside the main lobby hallway to view all the photographs of the G8 Summit, that are mounted on the walls for public display.

Dwight Satellite Gallery

The town of Dwight is a resort destination of North Muskoka and is considered a hub to Lake of Bays and the Algonquin Park area. Dwight is the second last town proceeding west toward Algonquin Park.

Oxtongue Lake Satellite Gallery

The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery welcomes the Community of Oxtongue Lake into our fold. This historic community was traditionally known as the last town before and the gateway to Algonquin Park. There are many significant locations to visit in this town besides the mural itself. This area was a favorite visiting spot for A.J. Casson, whom painted countless pictures of this area, on his yearly vacations. Also nearby are sites painted by Thomson like High Falls and Northern River.

Algonquin Park Satellite Gallery - The Portage Store

Algonquin Park and the surrounding landscape at Canoe Lake is likely the most significant influence to the works of Tom Thomson, The Group of Seven, and is without a doubt the subject of their most valued and revered body of work. It is through this unique and dominant natural setting that the majority of their story is told.  This was Tom Thomson's home when in Algonquin Park; it is also the place of his mysterious death. There are many historic sites at Canoe Lake regarding Thomson, including his much debated gravesite, the historical town of Mowatt, the cottage that formerly belonged to The Trainors (his girlfriend's family), and his most favorite camping site which houses the famous memorial cairn that was created and erected by his friends and future members of the Group of Seven. When visiting the murals at the Portage Store, be sure to ask about seeing the other historical sites relating to Thomson, you may be able to spend a few days camping at or near these various locations.

In 2009, two important murals were added to the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery as part of the permanent collection; this tour is definitely worth the trip.

Algonquin Park Itinerary Image

"Spring in Algonquin Park" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Community Mural 2012 by Huntsville Hospi...
"In the Northland" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2010 Located on ...
"The Drive" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Ron Murdoch 2009 Located on site...
"Oxtongue River" by A.J. Casson
Mural Artist: Janine Marson & Gerry Lantaigne Comm...
"Northern River" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne Located on site ...
"Autumn Foliage" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Gerry Lantaigne 2009 Located on ...
"Spring Ice" by Tom Thomson
Mural Artist: Marc Sorozan 2009 Located on sit...